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Hot Artists Juann Cabal en Newsarama

Como podeis leer aquí, Newsarama ha publicado una entrevista con Matt Owens, escritor de la serie Elektra, que está dibujando el Hot Artists Juann Cabal. Me encantan sus palabras sobre su arte:

Owens: Juann is incredible. There is a lot of light and shadow play to the art of this book and Juann does it with an expert hand. I make a lot of references to things in my script and he finds a way to give me what I want while making it his own as well. It’s been an eerily excellent working relationship for two people who have never worked together before. And he has a great sense of humor that if you really pay attention (which you should be!) comes out in smaller details in almost every panel.
My favorite thing that Juann draws is Elektra’s eyes. She’s the kind of person who says so much with just a look. Especially when the lower half of her face is covered a lot of the time. Elektra gives great side eye and Juann nails that. There is a page in Elektra #1 that I adore that features a roulette table. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you get there.

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