lunes, 20 de junio de 2016

The Weird Detective aclamado por la critica.

El último trabajo que esta publicando Dark Horse del hot artist Guiu Vilanova esta recibiendo grandes y positivas críticas en muchas páginas web del sector. The Weird Detective esta siendo un motivo de alegría para todos los que estamos participando en su producción. Comprad comics.

Aquí algunas de las críticas:

(This is a terrific and exceptionally well-written review, but I thought it was funny that he's wrong about which Lovecraft monster Greene is...) 
"Shines like a dark star...Weird Detective #1 does what many comics and Lovecraft adaptations have failed to do, make the seminal weird fiction balls-out fun."
"Though these mythos creatures have unknowable forms, Vilanova, Gonzalez and Wallace do a fantastic job of presenting them in vibrant ways that stay true of Lovecraft’s sparse prose descriptions."
-- Newsarama (10/10 review) 
(Guiu and Mauricio, you get exceptionally high and deserved praise in this one.) 
"Lovecraft fans, rejoice! The modern mythos comic we’ve always wanted is finally here." 
-- Adventures in Poor Taste (10/10 review)
"H.P. Lovecraft meets Hellblazer meets Sherlock Holmes meets The X-Files" 
-- Big Comic Page (4.5/5 review) 
-- Comic Crusaders (4.5/5 review)
"A very fun, very thought-out read ... harking back to that Weird Tales vibe that turned many a reader into a raving maniac howling from the abyss." 
-- Fangoria  
Best of the Week: 
(Amusingly, also wrong about which HPL monster Greene is.) 
"Fresh, strange ... Pastiches Lovecraft, only with the sly humor and sharp plotting for which Van Lente has become known ... Vilanova, meanwhile, gives the art a suitably noir-ish quality and makes the scary parts scary."
-- Uproxx
"Part horror, part mystery, part comedy, Weird Detective is a comic book you can’t help but adore."
"It’s got angry cats, Cthulhu, murder, and more Canada jokes than you can imagine." 
"Vilanova draws some truly creepy pages, which works perfectly in conjunction with Van Lante’s apparent inability to take anything seriously (that’s a compliment). The result is a comic that is one of a kind, utterly bizarre and infectiously engaging." 
-- The Nerdist 
"Perfectly blends grand-scale cosmic horror with the world of a street-level police procedural."
-- Mental Floss
Y es el mejor cómic de la semana en las siguientes páginas web...

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