sábado, 24 de enero de 2015

Hot Artist Guiu Vilanova en Review

Aprovechando que el Hot Artist Guiu Vilanova a terminado la maxiserie, me pasa este enlace donde podemos leer una crítica de su arte sobre el número once de Twilight Zone.

The art: I’ve been as pleased with the artwork on this book as I’ve been pleased with the story. Guiu Vilanova is an exceptional artist. His work is highly realistic to the point where a reader would think they’ve passed one of his characters on the street. The individuals Vilanova has created emote wonderfully. Roy is confused, angry, hopeful, and pleading — he runs the entire emotional spectrum. Those he encounters are equally strong, with Mr. Black being a standout on Pages 7 and 8. Unlike the current trend of some artists using photographs for backgrounds, Vilanova is fully illustrating his settings and his work looks all the better. Strong settings include the diner, Mr. Black’s, and the park. Vilanova is an artist to follow. Overall grade: A+

Para que veais que no miento, pongo aquí cuatro páginas del número.


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