domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Knowbodys II

Y continua la promoción de Knowbodys por parte de Kickstart . En este articulo, en la página Comic book Resources hablan del trabajo del Hot Artists Jesus Redondo, de esta forma: "Jesus came to me through Samantha. She had sent me a bunch of people's work, people [Kickstart] wanted to work with who they hadn't worked with before. Jesus was one of those people. I never got to meet the guy -- he lives in Spain. I started seeing his pencils of the characters and I was really surprised at how close he got to what I had envisioned. I really think he nailed it without really any sort of -- maybe it was just my magical descriptions that he translated into Spanish. [Laughs] He's amazing. The look of the book is great. It's almost timeless, like it could be any time, anywhere. He did a fantastic job." Yo no lo podría haber expresado mejor. Realmente es un persona increíble, con un arte impresionante.

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